This translation first (and last) appeared in the first (and last) issue of a college magazine we had started. So in a way every write-up in that publication was jinxed. What I am hoping is this will not result in this blog shutting down. So dear readers, it is all up to you all…

And, oh – this also is the first and last time I attempted to translate Sukumar Ray 


In  Posta  today I was tarried,

Only to be told your daughter’s being married?

Gangaram is the groom-to-be ?

Do you want to know how good is he ?

Our Gangaram is not all that bad,

black like tar and that’s a bit sad.

As for his gorgeous countenance –

An owl has in it a fair resemblance.

Academics ? Oh, of course I shall tell

Nineteen times in Matric did he fail.

Poor they are, their days scrape by ;

And for his brothers ? Oh, my-my!

One is stubborn, the other is mad;

Better however is the youngest lad –

From him five rupees to the family comes,

By spanking of the theatre drums.

The other is as sweet as honey,

presently in jail for faking money.

Gangaram himself is mostly ailing

from bowel fever and kidney failing.

But they from a noble family do come –

Distantly related to the Lahiris of Banagram.

So now you’ve got a fine son-in-law,

Nice character this, with little flaw.