ICANN Launches Special dot mafia Domains

After repeated requests from several quarters, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, ICANN, has decided to launch internet domains with the dot mafia extension. Spokesperson from ICANN, who chose not to be named, confessed that they have received copious requests for allowing the use of that domain. The person confessed that a couple of request letters had US Dollar notes (several of them later detected as fake) stapled to them while some had generous sprinkling of anthrax. “The pressure was mounting and then we decided that, hell, let everyone make some money”, the spokesperson said with a touch of exasperation

The announcement was greeted with deafening sounds of gunfire in several locations across India and hurriedly arranged cultural programs by organizations that curiously were all into community welfare activities. “Ours is a country of technology savvy people. This (allowing dot mafia domains) will not only let us build our own brand equity but will also allow people to discover and participate in different schemes that we launch time to time”, exalted Mutthubhai Bhattikatti, also known as “Pandi” Bhatti for his unlicensed activities around handling pigs and pork. Originally a rowdy sheeter from Mangalore, he explained his tech-strategy that included adding Andriod apps to provide an experience continuum across devices to his clients. “We are seriously planning a industry-platform focused around group-deals and micro-mafias. Imagine a road-rage situation where you need to immediately eliminate the other fellow. Just login to the mobile app, find services in your vicinity, place a request and your supari will be completed. That simple”, explained Jaggu Kalia, who for several formative years worked for a Noida based BPO company before joining the more attractive and less stressful local sand mafia. “Talent attraction has been a big issue for us. Using razor focused web strategies we will better reach out to gain access to both national and international talent”, said Sabu Alem, long known as a scout operating in the hinterlands of the cow belt in India

Though ICANN confirmed they have not yet opened bookings of domains, insiders from the association say domains like sand.mafia, liquor.mafia, garbage.mafia have already been booked under a pre-booking scheme. Some ICANN insiders have expressed surprise at inquiries coming in for domain names like middaymeals.mafia, religiousgurus.mafia and cleanchits.mafia. “Very strange”, a person familiar with these developments said. “We have gotten in touch with the Indian government as almost 90% of these requests have been coming from there”

Official spokesperson for the government, veteran politician Parhad Shawar confirmed that the government will not tolerate anyone from its party owning dot mafia domains. Receiving a call on his mobile phone, he hurriedly excused himself from the interview. On his way out he was overheard negotiating a bulk domain booking deal with the customer service department of popular web domain registrar Godaddy

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