To Lose My Way Again

@diogeneb, who does not speak or read bangla, did this lovely rendition of Salil Choudhury’s Poth Harabo Boeli Ebar Pothe Nemechi. What follows below is my (pathetic) attempt at translating Salil’s poem into English

It is to lose my way again
I have taken the winding road once more.
Straight roads have blinded me for long

The forbidding sentinel had closed my heart,
she called out in vain – but I answered her not.
Now with closed eyes I shall see you again –
that I had lost it all with open eyes

Beset in the familiar I failed to familiarize –
I search for myself now in the melieu of unknowns.
She sang tunes that I did not care to hear –
tunes that now touch the heart of gold.
These strains I have failed to take to my heart

It is to lose my notes again
I have tuned the sitar once more

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