Abol Tabol – The Musical

এর  মধ্যে হঠাত রাজা বলে উঠলেন – আবোল তাবোল ই যদি হবে, তাহলে সুর নেই কেন? শুনে পাত্র মিত্র ডাক্তার মোক্তার সত্যজিত সন্দীপ সবাই বলে, ভালো কথা! সুর কি হলো? কেউ তার জবাব দিতে পারে না, সব সুরসুর করে পালাতে লাগলো 

Not even the great Satyajit Ray attempted anything close to it. We did. And we did it right in his family turf. Let me explain

Stop reading this right now if you have never read Sukumar Ray’s Abol Tabol – in your childhood, adolescence , young adulthood, in your middle age or fifteen minutes before you died laughing.  Describing Sukumar Ray’s literary prowess over nonsense is beyond anyone’s capability. We never attempted to. But we, three friends in early college days, embarked upon a completely meaningless project to set some of those poems to tune – resplendent with preludes, interludes – the whole nine yards. We realized that the absurdity of his poems can only be heightened if we stuck popular tunes to his “lyrics”. I won’t delve deeper into logistical unsurmountables we overcame but the final output – a cassette – was recently digitized by Supriyo Roy (Chemistry honors and the lead only singer of the tracks then; DD 7 news reader and radio jockey now). The recording quality is poor, so advance apologies for it (you may need headphones). Here’s the link – click the legendary image below

The initial introduction was the only thing we wrote.

Post Script: My personal favorites are Hulor Gaan (at about the 6:01 mark) and Holde Shobuj Orangutan (at about the 11:27 mark. And you can argue this poem is not part of Abol Tabol. But then being puritan is contrary to the Sukumar Ray’s philosophy)

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